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Frinz Care provides virtual mental health counseling and life coaching for Texas teens, young adults, and their families.

Our Vision

Enable teens and young adults to experience healthy and happy lives.

Our Mission

We serve others with high quality care you can trust through collaborative and empathetic mental health counseling and life coaching services. We enable teens and young adults to lead healthy and productive lives, and equip families to support their discovery, healing and growth.

Our Beliefs

We believe the foundation to personal happiness is self-love, established through healthy behaviors, self-confidence, and valuing your unique characteristics. We help young people develop life skills and coping strategies so they may discover, evolve, and flourish.

Our Values

quality care

We provide treatment and support designed to meet each client’s specific needs and improve their quality of life. We adhere to the principles and ethics of our federal and state regulatory agencies.


We say what we mean and do what we say. We are honest and open, earning the trust of our clients, their families, and each other.


We care for our clients, their families, and each other. We lead with empathy and an open heart.


We work together and inspire each other to do great things. Seeking out diverse perspectives, communicating openly, and connecting with others to create the best paths forward for our clients and their families.

multiracial business team having a meeting in the office


Collaborate with team members to grow professionally as a cohort of purpose-driven experts in mental health services.

Participate in developing innovative new services including creative group therapy sessions and development programs for teens, young adults, and family members.

unhappy old bald man having a session with a professional psychologist at a mental health clinic

Patient Focus

You can focus on providing therapy and coaching sessions, developing treatment plans, and helping your clients reach their goals. Access our HIPPA compliant platform to serve clients and leave the rest to our support team.


unhappy old bald man having a session with a professional psychologist at a mental health clinic
multiracial business team having a meeting in the office


Work from home or any location with a computer and a reliable internet connection. Create a HIPPA compliant environment that is conducive to a focused and uninterrupted session with your client.

Enjoy flexible hours that work for both you and your clients. Pay protection for no shows within 48 hours of appointment scheduled.

Mental Health Counselor and Life-Coach Candidate Experience

Frinz Care is looking for Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Life Coaches with the following characteristics and experiences

  • Experience working with teens, young adults, and families in a clinical, therapy or coaching environment.
  • A trustworthy professional who is an active listener and proficient communicator.
  • An interest in being part of a team to share and develop best practices and innovative programs for future clients.
  • Consistently display our values, Quality Care, Trustworthy, Empathy and Collaboration, with clients, team members and the public.
  • Committed to a group practice and focused on helping clients achieve desired outcomes.
  • Minimum of 3-years and 3000+ hours of professional counseling/coaching experience.

Mental Health Counselor

  • Must be a resident and licensed to work in the state of Texas as a LCSW, LMHC, LMFT, LPC, Ph.D., or equivalent.
  • Experience working with multiple types of mental health issues and trained in a variety of therapy practices.

Mental Health & Life Coach

  • Completed a four-year bachelor’s degree. Master’s degree preferred.
  • Completed life-coach certification program, and ICF credentialed licensure (ACC, PCC or MCC) preferred.

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