Couples Counseling

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Nurturing Stronger Bonds

Welcome to Couples Counseling. Relationships are a blessing and they can sometimes be challenging.  This is natural and everyone experiences some forms of challenge in their relationship. Learning to navigating and manage those challenges as they arise are key to the success of any relationship, and we are here to help and tell you it can be done. Whether you are facing communication issues, struggling with intimacy, or grappling with emotional, physical or financial conflicts, seeking support is a courageous step towards fostering a healthier, more fulfilling connection.

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Prepare for Positive Outcomes

Couples counseling can be a game-changing experience for your relationship if you agree to some principles before engaging in therapy together. You can be highly successful working through your issues by establishing a few of these ground rules that can contribute to a positive and productive counseling experience. Here are you may consider:

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Open Communication: Commit to expressing your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly. Practice active listening without interrupting your partner.

Respect:Treat each other with respect during the sessions and outside of them.  Avoid blame and criticism; focus on expressing feelings and needs.

 No Blame Game: Refrain from blaming each other for past mistakes; instead, focus on finding solutions.  Use “I” statements to express your feelings and avoid making accusatory “you” statements.

Confidentiality:  Recognize that what is discussed in therapy should remain confidential between the couple and the therapist.  Agree not to use information shared in therapy against each other outside of the sessions.

Stay Present: Be present and engaged during counseling sessions. Avoid distractions like phones or side conversations. Focus on the issues at hand rather than bringing up unrelated grievances.

 Commitment to Change: Be open to change and personal growth. Accept that both partners may need to make adjustments for the relationship to improve.

 Patience and Persistence: Recognize that progress may take time, and change is often a gradual process. Stay committed to the therapy process even when faced with challenges.

Mutual Goals: Establish common goals for the relationship. Work together toward these goals and celebrate progress.

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Common Couples Issues

Couples seek counseling for a variety of reasons, as relationships are complex and can face numerous challenges. Here are some common issues that often lead couples to seek counseling:

Communication Problems:  Difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings, lack active listening.

Intimacy and Connection:  Diminished emotional or physical intimacy or changes in sexual satisfaction or desire.

Conflict Resolution:  Inability to resolve conflicts constructively or frequent and escalating arguments.

Trust Issues: Infidelity or betrayal, difficulty rebuilding trust.

Parenting Challenges:  Disagreements on parenting styles or challenges in co-parenting.  Balancing individual and family needs.

Life Transitions:  Adjusting to major life changes or external stressors; Changes in family structure.

Financial Stress:  Disagreements or stress related to financial matters.  Different financial goals or spending habits.

Lack of Emotional Support:  Feeling unsupported or emotionally neglected.

Cultural and Diversity Issues:  Differences in cultural or religious beliefs. Challenges related to diverse backgrounds.

Addiction Issues:  Substance abuse or addiction affecting the relationship or coping with a partner’s addiction.

Mental Health Concerns:  Mental health issues of one or both partners impacting the relationship.

Unresolved Past Issues:  Lingering issues from the past or unresolved traumas impacting the couple.

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Our Approach

At Frinz Care, we understand the unique dynamics of each relationship. Our approach to couples counseling is rooted in empathy, open communication, and fostering a safe space for exploration. We believe that every relationship is unique, and our goal is to work collaboratively with you to identify and address the specific needs and concerns within your partnership.

Your first session will involve a comprehensive assessment of your relationship dynamics and individual needs. Subsequent sessions will focus on developing practical strategies to address your concerns, fostering a deeper understanding between partners.


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What to Expect in Couple's Counseling

Sessions are typically scheduled together for 50 minutes weekly via telehealth. You may each use the same computer or your own device in the same or separate locations.  We will adapt the structure of your couples therapy based upon the specific needs of you as a couple.  You may be starting therapy in a tumultuous or delicate state that requires some 1:1 sessions in addition to sessions together.  You may need to be separate for safety or comfort as you begin therapy and work towards a harmonious state of being in the same room for the joint sessions. We will meet you where you are and help you get to your desired place of a healthy and happy relationship.

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Work with Frinz Care for Couples Counseling

Embark on the journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling relationship. Your relationship deserves the care and attention it needs to thrive. We look forward to supporting you on this journey to a stronger, resilient bond where you are thriving in your relationship together. We are here to serve YOU at Frinz Care.

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