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Therapy & Counseling

Mental health counseling is conducted by our Master degreed, licensed therapists, who practice behavioral therapies to focus on changing a person’s behaviors so they may adopt healthy ones to improve their life experiences and increase their wellbeing. A core part of behavioral therapy is teaching critical life skills to help individuals better cope with stressful situations and debilitating mental illnesses.

Behavioral therapies have shown to be effective at treating mental health disorders, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and motivational interviewing (MI).  Licensed counselors are trained to diagnose mental health conditions and apply their technical training in the types of therapy treatment best suited for the specific diagnosis.

Life Coaching

Coaching is a form of strengths-based support for persons dealing with a broad range of challenges from living with serious mental illness to developing good life choices. Coaches help you develop a healthy balance in life, offer support in navigating mental health or general life difficulties, and assist in establishing a recovery plan. Coaches help you find ways to obtain and maintain stability, manage difficult symptoms, rebuild relationships, and find a purpose for living. 

Our mental health coaches are certified by an accredited program, and we adhere to the ethical and practice standards of the International Coaching Federation (visit for more information on ICF standards). 

Christian Counseling

We provide counseling and coaching support for family members of teens and young adults who are currently pursuing or need mental health treatment.  We believe the family unit is an important conduit for the recovery of your loved one dealing with mental illness.  How they cope, interact, and manage their own behaviors and life choices can have a significant impact on the success of treatment for someone dealing with mental illness.  

Family support may include joint sessions with your teen or young adult; or family members may best be served through separate individual or group family counseling.  Our objective is to help the family learn how to best support their loved one with mental illness and to improve the strength and bonding of the whole family unit.

Group Sessions

Group therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which people who have similar problems or share similar experiences meet together and work on their common issues, share experiences and coping mechanisms.  Our group therapy sessions are facilitated by a coach or counselor who will guide the discussion with probing questions, offer techniques, and ensure everyone has a voice to share and learn from each other.  

The objective is to learn coping mechanisms, healthy life practices and feel supported by the facilitator and peers in the group.  The groups are held virtually, and participants will be interactive with others in similar areas of treatment or family members supporting a loved one in treatment.

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