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We serve others with high quality care you can trust through collaborative and empathetic mental health counseling and life coaching services. We enable teens and young adults to lead healthy and productive lives, and equip families to support their discovery, healing and growth.

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Strengthening Texas families by improving the lives of our clients through exceptional behavioral healthcare.

Our 3 Step Recovery Process

Schedule a complimentary information session

Complimentary Information Session

  • Schedule a free consultation to learn about Frinz Care.
  • Identify the best match in therapy expertise, select a counselor or life-coach.
  • Complete client welcome documents online through the client portal.

Engage with Your Specialist

Engage with Your Specialist

  • Access client portal and schedule a virtual appointment.
  • Attend virtual sessions with your therapy expert in a location convenient for you.
  • Establish goals, a treatment plan and work towards your desired outcomes.

Achieve Your Desired Results

Achieve Your Desired Results

  • You decide when you are ready to manage your health independently.
  • Develop a plan of action with your specialist that you can manage long-term.
  • Consider joining group therapy or a peer group for ongoing support and success.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I really enjoyed my interaction with Julie. She was able to get down to the root cause of my issues, provide compassion and care to prioritize and triage the issues. She provided a lot of workbook exercises and books to help me on my journey to success. I found her to be competent, personable, adaptive, approachable and goal oriented."


"Jared has been an amazing counselor for our marriage. He helps bring a wholistic approach to the counseling process and allows each spouse to work on things individually to benefit the marriage and family as a whole. He has helped us to see our own struggles and help us reframe our focus on our strengths to help bring new perspectives. Counseling has been an enormous help for our family, I only wish we had started sooner!"



"Beverly deeply cares about people and is a patient listener. Her biblical wisdom and trained ear have been so helpful to me through the years. Beverly’s vast life experiences allows her to have compassion and understanding about many issues when people need a listening ear."


"We really appreciated the sessions with Julie. We were not sure virtual would work for us but that did not hinder the therapy. Our communication skills have really improved!"

Nicole & Richard

"Being a teenager in today’s culture is rough! Before coming to see Jared, my anxiety was out of control. I struggled going to school and I began to see every confrontation as negative. This affected my relationship with my parents, coaches, teachers and friends. Jared helped me gain new insight into dealing with confrontation. He is such an encouragement to me, but also holds me accountable by “confronting” some of the ways I still struggle with anxiety. Every session is a great reminder to see how far I’ve come."



"Beverly offers nothing but love, encouragement, and sage advice. Never pretending to have all the answers, she encourages me to keep taking the next most reasonable steps to achieve my goals while also pointing out the victories I have yet to notice. She is a champion for those around her and humanity at large, and I would encourage everyone to seek her counsel, for Beverly is wise."


"Julie is funny and respects all of the things I talk about. She’s not judgmental and helps give me a better perspective on the issues at hand."


"Jared has been a great help to me over the past semester. In the past, I found myself getting stuck in the same patterns of negative thinking that would lead to depression. In High School, I had people that I leaned on to help me through, but college proved to be even more challenging. Through counseling, I have been able to recognize these patterns and begin to cut them off at the beginning rather than let them build up. I still struggle with my thoughts, but I no longer spiral. It’s hard work, but I’ve been able to enjoy college so much more with these new insights and skills."



"When our teen went into complete crisis mode, Meredith was able to "meet her where she was" and build trust, patiently and carefully. When none of the normal parenting strategies were working, and the self-help books weren't cutting it anymore, especially with our neurodivergent kiddo, seeking expert help through counseling was and enormous relief. I only wish we had started sooner."



Mental Health is a silent epidemic

It is a chronic condition just like diabetes & cancer

Teens & young adults 18-29 are still in cognitive development


Teens and young adults 18-29 are still in cognitive development

And why mental illness often shows up in this stage of life

75% of mental health issues are experienced by age 24

It takes on average, 11 years from 1st sign to seek treatment

It takes on average, 11 years from 1st sign to seek treatment

That means, a 16-year-old will seek treatment at age 27

Don't let that be your loved one

We are here to help

Frinz Care

Enabling teens & young adults to live healthy & happy lives