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We provide high quality care you can trust through collaborative and empathetic mental health counseling services. We enable teens, young adults, couples and families to lead healthy and productive lives, by supporting and equipping  you to experience a journey of self discovery, healing and growth.

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Who is Frinz Care?

Who is Frinz Care?

Frinz Care is a group of experienced, licensed mental health counselors, Christian Counselors and life-coaches who are fulfilling their calling to nurture and provide care for teenagers, college students, couples and families dealing with mental health issues and difficult life experiences so they may live a life of happiness and success in achieving their personal goals.  The objective of our work is to keep people from experiencing a long life of emotional and physical trauma resulting from their mental health conditions and traumatic experiences.

We joined together to create a personalized service that is collaborative and easy to access. We provide virtual mental health counseling care from the comfort of your home for people of all cultures and beliefs. We have expertise in a wide range of specialized treatment areas across our mental health counselors.  We also have Christian certified life coaches who provide faith-based group sessions and life-coaching for those looking for spiritual growth as part of their personal journey.  We all have experienced personal challenges with mental health and empathize those we serve.  We want to help you to experience happiness and self-love!

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We Offer

Expert Therapists

Our team of mental health professionals are highly experienced, skilled and trained.

Online Appointments

We have flexible appointment hours, meet us from the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose.

Personalized Care

We will guide you with the proper tools and techniques to reach your goals.

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Meet the Team

We are compassionate and experienced licensed mental health counselors and certified Christian counselors fulfilling our calling to help people with mental health, personal and family issues.  We are here to help you manage and overcome those experiences so you may live a healthy and happy life!

We work with people of all ages from teens, college-students, and adults.  We support couples and families too. We have counselors who specialize in a wide range of treatment areas to meet your diverse needs.  You can learn about each team member’s areas of specialization by clicking “view more” under their picture.

We treat people of all cultures, beliefs and backgrounds, and welcome everyone to participate in our care.  If interested, our certified Christian counselors lead some of our group therapy sessions for people seeking a faith-based experience and are available for individual coaching sessions. 

We offer personalized service that is confidential and easy-to-access. Our services are provided from the comfort and convenience of your home using telehealth services with flexible hours to meet your busy schedules.

We are committed to providing high quality, empathetic health care you can trust. We look forward to working with you!

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Frinz Care

We help our clients achieve their goals and experience Healthy & Happy Lives!

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Our Founder

Frinz Care was founded by Keri Dorsey, who has dedicated the past 30 years of her career to helping people to develop and grow personally so they may thrive, feel connected, and accepted for their unique characteristics and to overcome diversity and personal challenges so they can excel and experience personal success. 

Keri has compassion for people who struggle with mental health as she has faced her own issues with depression, chemical dependency, body-dysmorphia, anxiety, and dysfunctional family issues.  With the support of others, the will to change and her faith, she has been able to effectively manage and overcome these challenges leading to a healthy and happy life. 

Keri is led by her Christian faith to help others who face these types of personal challenges in their life so they may discover methods to manage their mental health and relationship issues. She aspires to help individuals achieve a life of happiness and self-love and families to reunite with compassion and mutual respect.

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