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Sometimes you can benefit from the support of peers who have been through similar experiences and understand what you may be going through.  Peers sharing feelings, emotions and support can be a valuable aspect of self-recovery. Frinz Care offers group sessions on issues that are prevalent in society today and where people enjoy group therapy experiences. 

We provide a variety of session topics throughout the year.  You can sign-up for current and upcoming classes. Enrollment in sessions are in 4 week increments and month to month for the duration of the program. 

Many of our classes can be joined at any time on a rolling 4-week basis if there is an opening available. Just click the Group Sessions Button, complete the form and choose the session you are interested in for you or a family member.

Our group sessions are facilitated by a team member who is highly qualified and experienced on the topic.  This may be a licensed counselor, certified Christian Counselor or certified mental health and life-coach.  Faith based sessions are offered and will be mentioned or you may request during our consultation session. 

We look forward to having you join one of our group sessions!

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Group Counseling Session Topics

TEENS: Managing Anxiety

It’s not uncommon for teenagers to experience feelings that create uncertainty that seem uncontrollable in the moment that are paralyzing and create fear. You may feel unable to breathe, move, even get out of bed. If you are a teen and experiencing these types of issues, you may benefit from meeting with a group of peers going through similar experiences to work through these issues, learn how to address the symptoms and develop techniques to help you cope when you experience these difficult times. Join a session facilitated by one of our team members and a group of teenage peers, ages 13 to 18, to learn how to overcome these challenges so you can live a healthy and happy life!

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PARENTS OF TEENS: Effective Teenage Parenting

Raising teenagers today can be filled with joy, laughter and good times, but also difficult episodes leading to feelings of desperation and cries for help.  Any teenage parent can relate, and some can benefit from the the support of their peers and guidance of a professional.   Group counseling sessions can help you to navigate these trying times where compassionate care is essential to your own well-being and to help you be the best possible parent for your children.  We will share experiences to work through the problems, learn how to recognize and address the underlying issues, and address them with your teenagers in a loving and supportive manner that will foster nurturing care, while establishing accountability.  The success of parenthood comes with the learning to navigate your child’s needs and learning to develop them into the adult you dreamed they would be someday.  Frinz Care will help you get there with our guidance through these group sessions as you learn and grow together.  

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ADULTS: Managing Depression

Our lives as adults are filled with everyday stressors, insecurities, relationship challenges and life transitions that can cause us to feel mood swings.  When those swings become extensive over longer periods than a few weeks, and we find difficulty doing our normal routines, getting out of bed, feeling sad, hopeless or isolating, it may be time to get help. You may find meeting with a group of peers going through similar experiences to be uplifting and helpful in knowing you are not alone and there are others who can relate to your experiences.  Sometimes we need camaraderie of others along with professional help to pull us through the depths of depression. In these group sessions, we will discuss how you can address the symptoms of depression, find practices to help you change the course of direction for your life and get you back on track to a healthy state of mind.  Join a session facilitated by one of our team members  so you can live a healthy and happy life!

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Group Sessions Available to Join

Complete the interest form to put your name on the list or join an existing group in session. Many groups are offered on a month to month basis. Complete the form and we will notify you to discuss group session options available with you. 

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Upcoming Group Sessions beginning in January 2024.

Group Sessions Being Offered & Available

Submit the form with a group session of interest and you will be notified within 48 hours of opportunities for group registration.