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Autism is a neurological disorder that brings with it a diverse range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors speech and nonverbal communication. In our counseling journey together, we will work to understand and appreciate your individual experiences, needs, and aspirations. People with autism are typically diagnosed in early childhood.  Their diagnosis may require psychiatric and specialist care throughout their early childhood years of life. At Frinz Care, we provide counseling to support people with autism starting in their teenage years through adulthood with counseling to support their social and emotional well-being during high school and  as they transition to a life of partial or full independence.  We also provide counseling support for family members as they go through the experience of supporting their child as they become ready for more independence in their life.

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Autism Counseling

There are a host of therapy approaches to support autism.  We work with the psychiatrist or primary care provider where possible to align our counseling treatment with their services to maximize the impact and effectiveness of our collective efforts in supporting you.  Some of the most common therapy approaches we use include: 

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT can be adapted to help individuals with ASD understand and manage their emotions, anxiety, and behavior in social contexts. It can provide tools for addressing challenges like social anxiety or difficulty adapting to change.
  • Social Stories: Social stories are short narratives that provide individuals with autism with information about specific social situations, including what to expect and how to respond. These stories can be tailored to address particular social challenges and help individuals prepare for social interactions.
  • Teletherapy: Online therapy platforms and teletherapy offer convenient access to therapy services from the comfort of one’s home, making treatment more accessible.
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Understanding Counseling for Autism

Mental health counselors can play a vital role in supporting individuals with autism by providing specialized counseling and support that addresses the unique challenges and needs associated with autism. Here are some ways in which mental health counselors can support individuals with autism:

  • Building Trust: Establishing a strong therapeutic alliance is crucial. Individuals with autism may have difficulty with social interactions, so it’s essential to build trust and rapport over time.
  • Communication: Adapt communication strategies to the individual’s communication preferences and needs. Some individuals with autism may have limited verbal communication, while others may be highly articulate. Counselors should be flexible in their communication styles.
  • Individualized Treatment Plans: Develop individualized treatment plans that focus on the specific goals and challenges of the person with autism. These plans should consider their sensory sensitivities, repetitive behaviors, and any comorbid mental health conditions.
  • Emotional Regulation: Assist individuals with autism in developing strategies for emotional regulation. Many individuals with autism may experience heightened anxiety, depression, or sensory overload. Counselors can teach coping skills and relaxation techniques.
  • Social Skills Training: Offer social skills training to help individuals with autism navigate social interactions more effectively. This may include role-playing, social stories, and explicit instruction on social norms and cues.
  • Addressing Anxiety and Depression: Many individuals with autism are at increased risk of experiencing anxiety and depression. Counselors can help them recognize and manage these emotions, possibly using techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).
  • Sensory Sensitivities: Recognize and accommodate sensory sensitivities. Individuals with autism may have heightened sensitivity to lights, sounds, textures, or smells. Creating a sensory-friendly therapeutic environment can be essential.
  • Family Support: Involve the family and caregivers in the counseling process. They can provide valuable insights and support for the individual’s needs and progress.
  • Positive Behavior Support: Focus on positive behavior support to reduce challenging behaviors and reinforce desired behaviors. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) principles can be useful in this context.
  • Self-Advocacy: Help individuals with autism build self-advocacy skills, so they can communicate their needs, preferences, and boundaries effectively.
  • Transition Planning: Assist in preparing individuals with autism for transitions, such as entering adulthood, finding employment, or living independently. This includes developing life skills and vocational training.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Be culturally sensitive and recognize that autism can affect individuals from diverse backgrounds. Consider cultural factors that may influence the individual’s experiences and perspectives.

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Work with Frinz Care for Autism Counseling

At Frinz Care, we approach each person with autism holistically and with a person-centered mindset. Every person with autism is unique, and their needs and preferences can vary widely. As a result, counseling approaches will be flexible and tailored to the individual’s specific circumstances. Collaboration with a multidisciplinary team, which may include speech therapists, occupational therapists, and special educators, psychiatrists and others can also be beneficial in providing comprehensive support.

We are compassionate and experienced licensed counselors and certified life coaches fulfilling our calling to help people with mental health, personal and family issues. Our goal is to help you manage and overcome those experiences so you may live a healthy and happy life.

We offer personalized service that is confidential and easy to access. Our services are flexible, you can connect with us from the comfort and convenience of your home through telehealth services with flexible hours to meet your busy schedules.

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