Christian Counseling

Restoring Joy through Faith

Christian Values and Professional Counseling

If you are feeling overwhelmed, alone or dealing with a mental health issue we are here to help you.  We are professional counselors who are Christians serving people who would like to explore faith and spirituality as part of their therapy treatment. We meet people where there are in their spiritual journey. Schedule a consultation to learn more about our services and we will help you select a counselor right for you!

We specialize in many areas of mental health therapy. Give is a call if you are experiencing these or other issues. 

Anxiety                                  Abuse                                             Addiction                              Anger management                 Depression                           Grief/loss                         Neurodivergence                Parenting                                                 Post traumatic stress         Relationships 


We Offer

Expert Therapists

Our team of mental health professionals are here for you every step of the way.

Virtual Appointments

We have flexible appointment hours, meet us from the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose.

Personalized Care

We will guide you with the proper tools and techniques to reach your goals.

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